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My Simple Ways of Creating The Magic

 S t o r i e s 

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Yuki is a simple girl who came from certain village. She was not gorgeous. Nothing about her is extraordinary. Nothing about her made her stand out in a crowd. 

She grew up in a poor family. They were six and being the eldest, she learned to be responsible at an early age. As she grew stronger and brighter, she helped to cheer the people around her. Though she was not so good-looking, but she made others feel better.

One morning while she was walking, she met a boy rebel who thinks he is a man. Right then She became interesting to him, so she befriends him and teaches him how to act right. They became good friends and she fell in love with her rugged and handsome student. However, her student finds himself in love with another girl. Yuki found this out while she was teaching him. The boy talked about this girl. He said that this girl was beautiful and had deep black eyes and fine curly hair. According to him it seemed as if she had a halo around her head like a beautiful angel from heaven. Upon hearing this, she swallowed a lump in her throat. She was hurt for not becoming beautiful. She thought that if she would have not been so ugly then she might be able to complete what her love was looking for. But she did not care to let him know her thoughts even her feelings. What she cared for was as long as he is happy, then she will be happy as well.

Another day came and the boy asked her to help him write the most beautiful letters to his ‘angel’. She was so hurt inside while hearing those favor yet she smiled and accept her love's request. As she was writing the letters, she imagined herself receiving those very touching letters. Right then, they have delivered the letter to his love's house.

Few days later, the girl who he loves so much responded to his letter and she agreed to meet him for a date. While they read what was written her heart wanted to burst yet she felt happy very happy with combination of pain and sadness. Afterward, she also helped him to choose the right clothes, he will be using on their date. They also bought the most gifts for his beloved angel residing inside his heart.

The day, the most awaited day came. He was so happy then; she brought happiness to him however Yuki was much in pain and sadness. Many days and months passed him and his love enjoying the magic of love. Yuki was contented of seeing them happy though it hurts her heart so much.

Then one day, she left him with no reason. It's just she chose another man who was rich and more handsome man. The boy was bewildered. He was so hurt it was his first heartbroken. Yuki found out what happen. She was quite happy about what happen, she rushed to him. When he saw her, he cried on her shoulders. Yuki cried with him. She shared with his pain; she tried to reduce the burden and sadness.

Time went by and the wounds also healed. The moment came; the boy finally realized something about his friend Yuki. Something he never realized before. He realized how blissful her laughter sounded and how her smiles brightened up his darkest days. He also realized how beautiful she was inside her heart. He felt sorry for not appreciating her for long time. Then He began to fall in love with Yuki.

One day, he picked up all his courage to see her. He walked to her house feeling nervous all the way. He ran many thoughts over and over his head. He thought that he should tell her how beautiful she was to him. He was going to tell her how delightfully in love he was with her. He arrived to Yuki's house. He was standing in front of the door. He knocked many times yet nobody was home. The next day, he found out that the beautiful girl he just fell in love with had move out to next village. He felt so sorry and angry with himself. He thought he will never see her again. He run and rushed to the next village. He knocked diligently to each doors in the village, and asking for Yuki. The day finally breaks and the night came. The stars watched him as he knocked to the last door in the village. He prayed deeply before he knocked. He knocked and he knocked, he heard a voice then his heart was bursting to joy because he knew it was her heavenly voice. As the door open his eyes was teary. He finally saw her, he hugged Yuki tightly. Yuki was happy yet confused. He finally cried out loud his love for her. He held her hand and stroked her hair as he look at beautiful girl. He said how beautiful she. Yuki can't believe it, she can't believe of hearing those words from him. Yuki accepted his love and confess her love for him. They were so happy. They spend many springs, winters and summers together…. together sharing love and happiness.




The Mighty Fireflies




            On a very beautiful forest of Takiban where many big trees, different kinds of flowers, birds, mushrooms, wild grass and many organisms live and grow, there was a small colony of Fireflies who enjoy life and live peacefully.





            Every night the fireflies will sing, dance, and enjoy the whole night with different activities which usually Tap-tap and his friend Iput lead. This became as the traditional practice of young fireflies to improve their body and shine brightly. When the young fireflies got tired of playing, Ali mother of Tap-tap will tell a story until they fall asleep.





            Another day came and in the middle of the big branches where tap-tap and iput play they have remembered the story of Ali which was about the different animals and beautiful world outside their home. Tap-tap became enthusiastic to see what his mother has told to them. Even Iput would like to experience the life beyond this big trees that serve as their habitat.

            Many nights have passed and the longing of two young fireflies were triggered as they imagine what would be the life out there. Until, Tap-tap decided to woke Iput and they decided to escape. Iput was confused about tap-tap's decision. However, he still chose to accompany his buddy and unleash their curiosity about the outer world.  They successfully passed through the big branches of the trees. They fly harder and faster as they could to get away without noticing the elders. As they get tired of flipping their wings they spent morning on the thin branch of tree.

            Meanwhile, Ali and Tupi were looking for Tap-tap even iput's grandfather was worried about them.





            In the middle of the day, the dragonfly has seen two unique flies. He went to it and he was surprise to see it. Suddenly Iput broke his good sleep and saw the dragonfly. Iput was afraid of seeing it so he tried to wake tap-tap.  When tap-tap came into his senses he was astonished to see dragonfly. Iput and dragonfly were curious about his reaction, abruptly tap-tap introduce himself to the dragonfly immediately. Right then tap-tap and iput gain a kind unusual friend.  They continue their journey with dragonfly.


            The darkness started to envelop the forest and the stars formed their respective position.  Dragonfly was sleeping and the two was still awake and letting their body to light brightly. Suddenly, strange sound was heard and the branches of the tamarind tree move from left to right like somebody is holding and shaking it brutally until they got dizzy but they flew away from it. They scared of what they have seen. Dragonfly said that it was the monkey and with tremble he flew away and left them behind. Iput and Tap-tap did not understand dragonfly so Iput bravely face the monkey while tap-tap tried to stop him.  The clever monkey did not hurt the two instead he decided to be friends. However, the monkey planned to give them to Goya the Gorilla, in exchange of bananas.




            The journey of the three continues. Tap-tap and iput were happy to be with the monkey without knowing of bad thing will happen to them with hand of monkey. Days later, they finally arrived to the Banana Land where Goya the Gorilla lives. Tap-tap was having some feeling that something was wrong but he suddenly erased it when he saw the big fruits of banana tree. They were astonished with the place. As the two enjoy the place, monkey buy the time to trade off with the Goya. Many hours later, the monkey was gone. angry_monkey-365.gif They were left to goya's. The two fireflies started to tremble as Goya approach them. They flew away but the hands of Goya were too long for them to escape. Tap-tap luckily flew away and managed to escape. Unfortunately Iput was left behind.  Tap-tap was so scared that moment.  He stopped for a while to let his nervousness gone but his heart beat so fast the light in his body shivered. Suddenly, he remembered the story of her mother about the giant and the mighty firefly. When he already knew what to do he flew courageously to fight Goya.  He waited until the day ends. When the darkness surrounded the place he suddenly attacked and flew to the nose of Goya. He tried to release so much light in his body, brighter than the stars could. Goya got annoyed. When he is about to slap his nose with all his force, Tap-tap flew away. Goya was hurt by his self and got dizzy. Iput has seen how brave his friend was. Tap-tap helped him. Finally they run away from the banana land.



            They looked for a safer place to rest. They have realized that the outer world was not just about kind or good things, beautiful stuffs and happiness. Tap- tap and Iput at last understand their parents, grandfather and elders. They decided to go back home and continue their journey when the time come and they are already ready to face the outer world.



Fable Parody of The Camanchile and The Passion :>

      Once upon a time in a beautiful forest a large camanchile tree with spreading branches grows. Near this tree grew many other trees with beautiful fragrant flowers that attract many travelers. The camanchile had no fragrant flowers; but still its crown was beautifully shaped. It also receive much light compare to the other the trees. But the beauty of the crown proved of no attraction to the travelers unlike the fragrant flowers which the other trees have.

         One day Camanchile exclaimed aloud, “Oh what a dreary life I lead! I wish that I had flowers like the others, so that travelers would visit me often.” A vine by the name of Passion, which grew nearby, heard Camanchile's exclamation. Now this vine grew fairly close to the ground, and consequently received only a small amount of light. The vine thought that this was his opportunity to improve its condition. He replied, “Camanchile, why is your life dreary?” “Oh, Passion! Your there” Camanchile said, “I am just sad that I am unappreciated, as I am, Travelers never visit me for I have no fragrant flowers.” “Oh, I see that's sad” said Passion. “I hope I could help you with your problem and share with you my flowers.” Camanchile think deep and imagine how passion will help him.

          Many days passed and he is still thinking how he will become a beautiful tree just like the others. While he is in his deep thought his best friend bird who always say chirp chirp break his meditation. "Hey camanchile!" the bird said. "Oh my! you scared me…what brought you here?" ,he replied. "What was that? Why you are doing that? Its kind a weird", the bird asked him. "Ah!, I am thinking how will I become beautiful, like passion", he said. "HAHAHA!" the bird laughed. "Why? Why you're laughing?", he confusedly asked. "Oh my friend, you must like what you are and that’s the reason why I am your friend because I like you just the way you are Camanchile", the bird explained. Camanchile was stunned after hearing the sweet sayings of his friend. "Thank you chirp, I'm glad you are my friend", he replied happily. Chirp flew away and sang with the wind.

           Camanchile was happy that day. He danced with the wind and enjoyed the light he received from the sun. Meanwhile, Passion approached him. "hey Camanchile, why you are happy?", passion asked. "I love myself now, passion though I have no fragrant flowers though I am not beautiful like you, I am still happy", he replied confidently. "But …why? I thought you want my flowers?", he asked again. "Yes I do, but I believe that I am beautiful in my ways and I am contented with that and I think passion you should also be contented of what you have so that you will find the real meaning of Happiness that way I have found it", he answered. Passion run away and feels so sorry about thinking bad to camanchile. Camanchile lived happily and enjoyed his life.

             He lives the meaning of the happiness with his friends. While Passion was also satisfied with his life, he loved to make the travelers smile by his fragrant flowers.





The Gutsy Dreamer



I have walked the millionth step for my dream

Yet this did not make me lose confidence and esteem

I travelled so far, breakthrough thorny challenges

Battle exceptionally, get rid to many trials and troubles


I have gone beyond my comfort zone and face my wasteland

The wasteland where turns my whole world upside down

Be wilderness, loneliness and discouragement soaked me

And made me fall into many pieces of pain and agony


Yet, I am the controller of my designed destiny

The architect of the blueprint of success

The greatest warrior of my chosen life battle



The Gutsy Dreamer whom never goes back


Dynamic Combo Hits
My Days will eventually change
Lives will finally out range
Everything will now move
As sunny days barely improve
I wish I could bloom
And will never be in gloom
I want to see how life grows
How the wind smoothly blows
I want days will tirelessly run
Until my happy days soon gone
I want see again this phase
Befor fate ends my race




Give a Smile

Give a smile, in a world of sadness

Don’t be sad, everything will be alright

Shed a tear, but smile afterward

This is a heart fully saying now



Agony and pain are within you

Smile, as it passes through your smile

Don't get hurt with this lonesome time

Try to enlighten everything with a smile


Life is full of hardships, weary and soreness

Somehow let your smile be the point of endurance

 Give a smile, as strength within endlessly refueling

Give a smile for endless happiness behind a world of sadness  




                                                                 EPIC STORIES


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Hinilawod (My Parody)

The Three Brave Stars of Halawod



Once upon a time there live a beautiful goddess who stayed unmarried for a long long time. The beautiful goddess of the east sky was ALUNSINa. Alunsina has many suitors Bakhaw  Bakhaw - The lord of the forest, BaludBalud - The lord of the seas  and PanganudPanganud - The lord of the skies. However she cannot chose to them because her heart was caught by a mortal Datu of Southern Tagalog PaubariDatu Paubari of Halawod.  
Alunsina, went to his father's room and asked him to about the man she wanted to be with. Her father, Haring Kaptan Haring_kaptangot worried about her daughter however he wished for her daughter's happiness. Haring Kaptan called the man whom Alunsina wanted to be her Hushband.
One morning, they finally met. Datu Paubari was amazed and very happy to see her finally in reality for the only see each other in their dreams. When Datu Paubari approaches her Haring Kaptan announced their wedding, the whole people celebrated the love of the two.
Few days later, the suitors of Alunsina got angry when they heard the wedding of Alunsina to a mortal Datu. They plot evil plans to kill the couples. However they failed to kill them.
Haring Kaptan, managed to save her daughter from danger. He sent them to secret place where they could live peacefully and happily. The secret place was named Puso. In Puso, they lived simple and cherished each days. 
Many days passed, Alunsina got pregnant. He asked her hushband to call the Highest Priest Bungot-banwa to throw a ceremony for their child. Bungot_banwa  
The priest came, after the ceremony the triplets became handsome men. They were Lbaw Donggon, Humadapnon, and Dumalapdap. 
Labaw Donggon as the eldest, he was responsible for having a family to make the Puso more colorful with people having their bloods running to them. Labaw Donggon travelled with his magical cap, kampilan, hat and belt. 
During his journey he heard about a beautiful maiden from Handug, Angoy Gitbinitan Ginbitinan
Upon seeing her, he fell in love however her father wont allow him to marry her unless he defeat the scarriest monster in their home land the Manaiintad. Manaludtod
 Because of his pure love for her, he manage t defeat the monster. They finally had a wedding. Labaw Donggon with Gitnibitan went  home to Puso.
Gitnibitan met the family of Labaw Donggon. She was very happy of becoming part of their family. She played the stringed instrument to make the plants and animals alive and happy at Puso. Labaw Donggon travelled to find a place for his family. 
Meanwhile Humadapnon, find his destiny with his brother Dumalpdap. They have travelled many mountains, rivers and oceans. Until they finally found a place where a legendary maidens living. Humadapnon fought a monster in order to win a beautiful maiden imprisoned in a hour-glass by a sorcerer. With Dumalpdap they managed to defeat the sorcerer and save the beautiful maiden in the hour-glass. 06-07b 
The maiden was from Piniling. When they arrived at the maidens place they got married. DUring the wedding Dumalapdap saw a beautiful goddess of greed, she was the best friend of Buyong Makabigting. With the help of his brother he managed to let him became the hushband of the beautiful goddess.
After the wedding, they finally went home to introduce to their new wives. Alunsina was very happy. After then they left to find a place for them to live and multiply.
The three stars of Halawod became known of their strengths and abilities. Their lived happily with their chosen life battles and paths. 
My Parody: 
IBALONG's Three Greant Legendary Guardians
Long time ago, a place called Ibalong was the origin of the most fierce warrior in the city and their were Baltog, Hadyong and Bantong. 
One night while Baltog wandered in a dark forest he saw a wild boar, he thought that it will be dangerous for his people if he  let it lived so he find a way how to kill the boar. He set traps to kill the boar. He successfully finished his mission and come back to his people and declaring the death of the monster. His people praised him and threw a feast for his success. The Ibalong was then happy and filled with cheers and peace.
Many years passed, the Ibalong became popular among cities. The Ibalong was envied by many Datus so they wanted to get the Ibalong. However, the fierce warrior Handyong was the guardian of Ibalong, He never stop fighting and he never rests even a second. Handyong with his men fought them and they achieved their victory. However, Oryol the powerful serpent tried to harm his people, he heard that Oryol was responsible for the missing children in his land. He planned and way how to defeat oryol.  
He almost meet his death notes upon fighting Oryol. Because of evil powers of Oryol, he 100 times lost in his battle. Until, another problem came to Handyong's leadership. A undefeatable monster came and killed many of his people. These triggered him to face Oryol and ask for her help. Asking an alliance with the serpent was never easy, however Oryol came to admire Handyong for his bravery and decided to help him defeat the monster. 
The Ibalong became peaceful once again with the team leadership of Oryol and Handyong who married latter. 
After years passed another hero was brought to Ibalong and he was Baltong, 
Many elders of Ibalong believed that he was the last reincarnation of Guardians of Ibalong. He did the same way the others have done. Since he was believed the last guardian, he shared his knowledge about battles and wrote all his ideas about fightings, weapons and more importantly he wrote on how to become a great ruler of Ibalong.
Bantong finally meet his limit and his battle began to end.
The Ibalong was believed to became and stayed powerful and peaceful because of the guidance coming from the three great guardians of Ibalong.  







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